About us

The Minion Empire is a store created to find the most legitimate, best priced, and limited quantities of Minions Products available on Amazon. We help simplify the shopping experience so you don't have to go through Amazon to find the best of the best.  There are many products, both official and unofficial, that have made their way into amazon.com .  Sometimes there's a very long list of distributors and different versions of the supposed same thing.

Whether you like plushies of your favorite characters, or whether you have a Vinyl Toy collection that you're trying to build up, this is a great place to get your Minion fix. 

This is for anyone looking to get a Minion collectible product. It can be for many reasons, a birthday, christmas, a boy or girlfriend or some other time that presents and simple gifts are needed. Sometimes people need to help themselves feel better and wish to buy something that will provide some form of comfort, like a cuddle buddy, or a plush cuddle buddy that makes Minion sounds every once in a while.

Feel free to shop around and check out what we have in store for you. 

Have fun! 

and remember....